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Village chatter, news around our projects and a general look into Cypriot life...


Mmmmmmmm Halloumi...
In Kalopanayiotis not a day goes by without eating halloumi. You will probably have it for breakfast on toast or with egg, for lunch in some ravioli, or in a salad for dinner. It is eaten 24/7. And for those who want to know how it’s made, we have Mrs Giota...
Marvel at our frescoes
St John Lambadistis Monastery, just across the river from Casale Panayiotis, is in fact three churches all under one roof and protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It houses some of the oldest and most beautiful frescoes in the world...
Happy Easter
Easter week is one of the most interesting, colourful and exciting times in the Greek Orthodox calendar. In our village everyone participates and preparations for the big weekend begin weeks in advance...
Wine lovers welcome
Most people have a favourite wine. For Viktor Finopoulos, our resident wine expert, it's Commandaria, an amber coloured, sweet dessert wine made in the Commandaria region, on the foothills of the Troodos mountains. Find out what else Viktor recommends and how you can taste them all at Kava...
Unwind with us this Valentine's Day
Did you know our Myrianthousa Spa is magical? It has special powers which can transport you to another world - a different climate, a different state of mind and a different place in time. And what better month to visit than February, the month of Valentine’s day.
Happy New Year
It’s great to start the new year in a positive and healthy way. Especially after all the eating and drinking over the holidays. Luckily for us at Casale, we have Andreas to get us up off the sofa and into the outdoors.
A White Casale Christmas
You probably think of Cyprus as being sunny and warm all year round. We do have the sun. But we also have snow. And fingers crossed it will snow this year, as there’s nothing more beautiful than a White Christmas at Casale in the middle of the snow-topped Troodos mountains.
Return to the village

Loukas’ café/wine bar is cosy. The walls are filled with different clocks, (seventy to be exact) and old Cypriot adverts. None of the clocks tell the right time. But, that’s because Loukas wants people to choose the time they prefer. The 26 year old left the city 3 years ago and returned to the village to set up his dream business - Café Oinos... 

Sweet as honey
This month, our village beekeeper is preparing for the Kalopanayiotis Honey Festival...
It's grape season!
September is one of the most beautiful months at Casale. As the temperature drops slightly, there's more of a breeze in the air, but sunshine is still plentiful and summer lingers on. It’s the perfect time of year for grape picking and we’re busy making lots of sweet treats…
An alternative summer
There’s no other place we’d rather spend the summer than Cyprus. We may be biased, but we can’t understand why anyone would want to holiday somewhere else. At Kalopanayiotis, we are keen to welcome visitors so we can share something tourists won’t find at the big resorts on the coast. We want to give you an insight into mountain village life. 
Here's to our national hero
This month Kalopanayiotis celebrates its own brave revolutionary. His name was Lavrentios. You can visit his house, which still stands in the village and learn all about our local/national hero of whom we are so proud.

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